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Oh my goodness, where would I even start to pick our *favourite* venues? Just when I think I’ve finally discovered *all* the venues the Southwest has to offer, I discover a hidden gem or someone launches a fabulous brand new venture. The Dordogne is, after all, known as the “land of 1001 châteaux” – and that doesn’t even touch on our near neighbors the Gironde, Lot-et-Garonne, Gers, Charente etc.

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This is the question we hear most often from couples just getting started planning. And it's not one we can really answer for you, because your priorities and your wishlist are unique! But we do know that it's an important question, and one that needs answering before you can make any other important decisions! So we've created this super helpful guide & worksheet to assess the realistic costs of a wedding in the Dordogne - so you can build your own budget from there. We hope it takes the mystery and stress out of one of the least fun bits of wedding planning!