Because you know that the little details do matter. And so do we.

Stunningly beautiful + perfectly cohesive weddings are our
signature style.

There is no ‘specific look’ to a Oui, Mon Coeur wedding. From the overall vision, to hand-selecting your creative team, all the way down to how every aesthetic detail ties it all together; our designs are bespoke to each and every couple we work with,


Our concepts develop organically out of details about you and your story. Even if you started secretly Pinterest-ing long before you got engaged (shhh!) we will take those beautiful inspiration photos and shape them into something unique to you as a couple which will convey exactly to your guests the essence of who you are and what you hope to share with them.
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a wedding
could be compared to an architect who plans and builds your dream home from the ground up – but all the while with an eye on the overall cohesive style and the stunning final details to come.
a wedding
is more like a decorator who comes in after the major building decisions have been made, to advise on aesthetics and arrange all the visual details extactly as you dreamed them. (only better.)
If visual details are a big priority for you
we would strongly suggest working with a designer/stylist

( and may we be just a tiny bit blunt for a moment? )

Most couples simply have no notion of how much
time is involved in creating all of those beautiful,
Pinterest-fueled dreams.
(like… so, so much time…)That’s why wedding planners and florists and stylists and stationers can seem so expensive. It’s not because we’re jerks, or because we’re rolling around in piles of money, sipping champagne and laughing at you.

It’s simply because it all takes So. Much. Time.

So much time that, chances are, you just don’t have to spare.

The truth is that destination wedding weekends are quite full-on, even for those couples who have left absolutely everything to the pros, and haven’t stacked themselves up with a massive to-do list of projects on arrival. From the moment you arrive in France, literally everyone is going to either need or want your time and attention – from clarifying final details with your planner, venue, and other suppliers, to your very darling and well-meaning friends and family who want to know:

“Where should I put…?

“Where can I find…”

“How do you want…?”

Don’t get us wrong – we’re all for involving your loved ones in the set up of all those thoughtful DIY details! Both can really infuse your day with personality and meaning and make your nearest and dearest feel important and invested in your day. But your friends and family will also be on holiday – and there’s a limit to what you can or should expect of them. They may genuinely want to help, but mostly they’ll hang a single string of fairy lights and then wander off for a beer or glass of rosé, never to be seen again…)

Furthermore if you’re not naturally the crafty/DIY type, your wedding probably isn’t the moment to try to become so. And If you are naturally creative/crafty, we’d also bet you have a bit of a tendency to sometimes take on too much? And maybe you occasionally drag your loved ones into that too*?


So we would suggest examining why you’re tempted to DIY or turn your wedding party into indentured servants: Is it because you think it will save you money? Or because you genuinely want to create something personal or to involve your loved ones in bringing your perfect wedding day to life?

If you’ve any doubt whether it might be too much,
please enlist us to help you!

It’s simply not worth feeling exhausted and burnt out on your wedding day to save a few euros! Weddings are a massive investment. And we can’t imagine anything sadder than looking back and feeling regret that you or your friends & family didn’t get to enjoy it properly because you were overwhelmed by your overly-ambitious to-do list.

Of course, that’s not to say that everyone needs a stylist – if you’re quite happy with very simple wedding décor and keen to get stuck in with friends and family – go for it!
But what most people *think* looks quick & easy in theory, usually just isn’t in practice. 

(Did we mention it all takes a lot of time?!?!)

A designer or stylist will also help you ensure you get the absolute maximum possible from your décor budget – by  focusing the bigger spends on high-impact moments/areas, avoiding pitfalls of overspending where no one will notice, and suggesting creative ways to make your décor multi-task for maximum effect. In short, a good designer/stylist will help you get the most bang for your buck! (And in our case, we have a massive décor collection available to our design/styling clients at either no charge or deeply discounted rates – which can save you a huge chunk of budget!) 

And finally, working with a stylist is just infinitely more rewarding and loads more fun than going it alone. We can’t count the number of clients who have said to us:  “It’s sooooo great to have someone who is really ready to dig into these sorts of details with me!” We’ve been told that even fiancés, Mums, M.O.H’s or planners haven’t been as keen to discuss every. last. detail as we will be. And on top of that, we’ll take all of your lovely semi-formed ideas and turn them into magic.

And here’s one last little secret:
All of our brilliant ideas? Your guests are going to think you’re terribly clever for having come up with them all on your own.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

the design process


come to life

The best and most authentic wedding design and styling starts with who you are as a couple and how you’d like your wedding day to feel. Even if you only have a very vague notion of what you want, or conversely, have lots of ideas which are all over the place – we’ll take them and run with them, and can shape, streamline or expand them accordingly. Or, if you’re completely at a loss, we’ll develop a full concept based on our early conversations about you and your story and any inspiration you’ve already collected. We’ll work through all of these ideas together and come up with a design that’s all your own – never copied from Pinterest or anywhere else.

We’re not, of course, talking about taking a turn toward scary theme-town! But about tasteful, well-considered details which run throughout the day and underline the overall vibe & experience you wish to create for your guests.
R+B, for example, wanted to create an ‘elegant Secret Garden in the Bordeaux vines’ feel – so we created this bespoke garden gate display at the entrance to the dining barn, and incorporated a moss-covered monogram. We carried moss, ivy & garden imagery, throughout and used the monogram on their paper goods, which subtly carried the Secret Garden feel into other aspects of the day
…a moss-filled glass ring box,
a moss & ivy-covered Prosecco bar,
and bespoke garden gate table names.
“I was truly amazed at how everything came together on the wedding day, it was exactly what we hoped for and more!
The barn entrance display, with the moss gate overhead, the table plan, memory lane and the menu were amazing. So many people commented – it really did provide the Wow Factor, and looked even better than I imagined!”
R + B

where could you do with


In addition to the seemingly endless logistical details and decisions to make, a wedding is made up of *countless* visual details to think about!  We are here to help you ensure that all of those details are not only beautiful but cohesive.

{ 1 }
your ceremony
We personally couldn’t live without flowers, But they’re certainly not the only way to decorate a ceremony. From Arches, to Installations, to aisle markers and runners, candles and lanterns – the possibilities are infinite!
{ 2 }
drinks reception
Post-ceremony, a decorated or themed drinks station, a lounge area (which can double as a “photobooth”) and a few lawn games are fab ways to make your day memorable – as well as keeping guests happy while you sneak off for some couple photos.
{ 3 }
Beyond your lovely flowers, just the right candles, vases, linens, vintage tableware and other unique décor bits can take your dinner tables from “pretty” to next-level unique + amazing.
{ 4 }
all the other in- betweens

From welcoming your guests with a lovely bit of signage to creating the perfect party atmosphere on the dancefloor. From buttonholes to bars, table plans & menus, fairy or festoon lighting – our bespoke (and often vintage or handmade) details are what wow your guests, make your photos sing, and turn your memorable moments into magic ones.

Every detail of a Oui, Mon Coeur wedding is a carefully considered piece of the whole. And every piece helps you tell your own unique story.  

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Is it all just about the Insta-worthy photos?

Absolutely not.

In fact, we wish more couples (and guests) would put down the iPhones and forget the hashtags, if even just for a few hours.

But after a long, hot, exhausting day styling, as we stood watching K+P’s first dance – it was crystal clear to us: 

This moment was always going to be memorable for them, but the lights, the lanterns, the atmosphere in that courtyard on that July evening made it magic.

And that’s why we do what we do. Because True Love is a really big deal and it deserves to be celebrated with a little bit of magic
are you ready